Aquarius Character

The Aquariuses strive for freedom and independence, are independent and sociable. Human love, idealism, and an awakened spirit, as well as a sense of Fairness, distinguish them. You like sociability and closeness to other people. However, it may become rigid and inflexible in the aftermath of its goals. Among friends and spouses, they are very loyal and are also suitable as a good loyal character and role model. However, their awakened and open nature can sometimes turn into disrespect for dissatisfaction-you should be able to forgive them calmly. The Aquarius can sometimes be stubborn, stubborn and inconsistent. The Aquarius is very dissatisfied because something has not been achieved, it also has a slight slope to depression and isolation.

Aquarius Female

She’s a good friend and soul girl for everyone. For the girlfriend, the abandoned, the Blogged and worn out. She’s here for all those who have been played with evil. It is overall great, very trusting and helpful. She has a lot of fun and you are eager to have her as a friend. Everyone wants them, everyone needs them, and when you have them, you don’t give them any more. She’s funny, lively and the opposite of boredom. She keeps fit, makes her mobile and swirls every kind of crime out of the wheelchair. As a wife, she is in demand and marriage is also possible for her in a certain degree of maturity.

Aquarius Male

He is Special among men. An attractive guy. But he doesn’t want to bind himself as soon as he does. I would rather try and study first – everything is possible but without obligations. The best thing to do is think he wants to get married. But one Problem is not finding a wife. He wants to be able to exchange with her about everything and discuss everything possible. Aquarians want to share. Also, he sometimes swings back and forth and this can change his leisure time more often times. In it the child is still somewhere in the man, so he has always new ideas and ideas in your head, but that flattens the sympathetic Aquarius again sometime.