Birth: March 21 – April 19

Features: Courage, honesty

Powerful: Speed, Force, Stable. Responsible, Passionate, Adventurous, Ambitious

Weakness: Anger, Impulse, Arrogant, Brutal, Aggressive

Stone: Ruby

Planet: Mars

Element: Fire

Color: Red

Metal: Steel, Iron

Number: 9

Day: Tuesday

Animals: Tiger, sheep

Flower: Honeysuckle

Aries About

The Aries is under the influence of the planet Mars and is one of the most energetic zodiac signs. The Aries Symbol stands for its ready-to-beat nature. In the course of his life, he comes regularly in stages of self-reflection.
The Aries is a fire sign, like Leo and Sagittarius. He likes to take the Initiative, even if he is not in control of the Situation. Aries are crime people. It is difficult for other people to cope with their impatience and aggressiveness. In such moments, serious methods can help to reduce stress.
Aries put ideas into action and understand how to channel their energy efficiently. They always express their opinion. Physical activities strengthen. No matter what age he is, the Aries has a youthful power and easily copes with physical tasks.

Aries Character

Aries often have good ideas. Wacker and with the energy he also implements it. It is suitable as a scientist, a champion, or in a managerial Position. He can also be quite peculiar and stubborn, inclined to self-assertion. Aries are not really night-wearing. Sometimes they’re brewing fast, but just as fast they’re coming down. You’re a pleasant partner. They are enterprising and sometimes a little bit kick. Their goals are addressed with a lot of dynamics. In this approach, they are hardly susceptible to failure. They can’t stand fooling around and chicks. Sometimes they seem unscrupulous when it comes to their own career because they fight ahead. Also, they can be selfish and teasing, even a desire to attack is a possible reflex action, which can hurt other feelings. At times, he is sometimes a bit affectionate and sometimes seems uninterested.

Aries Female

The Aries lady. She loves Sex, which is spontaneous and passionate. Love can come just as quickly but also go again. She chooses the men and takes what she wants. Unfortunately, a marriage with the Aries lady is not of long duration. She can tell the men the language, hard fellows often become hand-me kittens. She takes what she wants. With her, it is an up-and-down and a back-and-forth. With it, for example, you can build a business very well. Not all of them are up to her. Some men are too weak and the then beats her straight back into the run. She also doesn’t like to part with a man. If your feeling has disappeared, as soon as it came, she serves it cold and quickly again. With the Aries lady, you can steal horses, because boring it is not.

Aries Male

The Aries man is a conqueror of women. He loves sensational Sex and some women he even awakens to a woman. Older women feel younger, and young Mature. Unfortunately, he is also often a stranger and can make his wife unhappy with it. He is a good leader, his Motto is fast, high and straight through the wall. He is a Lebemann like his famous historical novel template Casanova because of course, he was also Aries. He is a true seducer, the Aries man. But he is not the typical loving and loyal husband, with whom you can grow old with. He never completely loses the charm and interest of other women.


If you are looking for a quiet life for two, you should avoid rather. This does not mean that he is unfaithful, but that it can sometimes be very loud, passionate and adventurous. The next moment, however, then again a little quieter and more tender. Those who love this contrast will also find a good Partner in it. Here you can see the influence of the erotic planet Mars, which ignites the fire and makes it passionate.
Aries loves to fall in love quickly and very intensely. Once he has met someone who likes him, he will be declared a goal number 1 and he will make every effort to conquer that Person. In doing so, he appears very confident and convinced of himself. However, a ram you can also like to fiddle times. The commitment then gets all the bigger and he gets really hard. You can find more about the Daily form in love and relationship at the top of the daily horoscope for Aries.


The ram is a doer, guide type and impeller. He has a lot of momentum and knows how to work towards goals to reach them. Accordingly, it is difficult for him to subordinate himself. He is therefore primarily in a leading position at home or chooses the path of self-employment, to avoid situations like these and to actually pursue the goals. Only if the ram can regularly meet new challenges and is required, it can flourish properly and perform at their best. Not everyone can keep up with such a pace as he presents. You can find more current trends in the profession at the top of the daily horoscope.
However, there are other professions that fit the ram perfectly. These include, for example, the emergency physician, physician, surgeon, police officer, detective or firefighter. This is about constantly new challenges, speed, determination, speed, and dangers. Ideally, properties that belong to the Aries. Of course, there are many other jobs that suit him. However, all have the challenge of having variety and dynamism in common.


Aries often earn more money because of their job position but spend it just as quickly. They care little about finances because enjoyment is an important topic for them. Whether it’s a vacation, a new car or a nice gift for the partner – he does not think about it for long. He does not go into debt for that because he can afford it.