Brown Bear

Indian Horoscope-Brown Bear

Who between 23.8. and 22.9. sees the light of the world, has as a Native American star sign the brown bear. Basically, these are peaceable and serene contemporaries. Perhaps the brown bear is even the quietest star sign of the entire Indian horoscope. Of course, his good nature has its limits! So he expects that his counterpart is just as friendly, reliable and responsive as she is. If that is the case, then the brown bear is a haven of peace in hectic times and offers a strong shoulder to lean on.

The Extract of the Brown Bear

An Indian horoscope brown bear attributes a lot of serenity to this zodiac sign. His motto is: In the peace lies the power! Hustle and bustle are deeply repugnant to him – much rather it has its peace and undisturbed pursues its pursuits. So it is not surprising that the brown bear is at its own pace. Bad tongues would say he was a bit sluggish and sluggish, but that’s only partly true. When he is under stress, he can get very hectic – and unfortunately also quite vicious, even aggressive! The brown bear likes to avoid crowds and tends a bit to the loner. He feels most comfortable in his own four walls. So it is not easy for him to express his emotions. His opponent, therefore, needs a little patience with him until he opens himself …

The Features of the Brown Bear

An Indian Horoscope brown bear characterizes these people as emotional, friendly and generally in a good mood. You have the heart in the right place and also know how to live and enjoy! They love the beautiful side of life and appreciate good food and drink! Brown bears have a pronounced down-to-earthiness and love of nature. They think and act very proactively and would never do anything rash. Therefore, they feel most comfortable in familiar surroundings, where they keep track and know what to expect. Although they have amazing practical skills, brown bears are always modest and reserved. They hate being in the spotlight or even in the limelight …

The Love Life of the Brown Bear

An Indian horoscope Brown Bear describes these individuals as loners, reluctant to rely on other people. This way, they often have a distancing effect on other people and are somewhat overcooked. However, anyone who takes the trouble to look behind this fa├žade will find a warm and loving person there. Once the brown bear has taken confidence in someone, his tender and romantic streak comes to the fore. Just because he does not flaunt his feelings does not mean he has none! He is very capable of deep emotions and can be amazingly sensual and passionate.

Partner and Friends of the Brown Bear

His partnership takes the brown bear very seriously. He prefers long-term relationships in which he is also one hundred percent loyal and loyal. Since he expects this from his partner or his partner, he, unfortunately, tends to jealousy. Even if this is unfounded, he is hard to dissuade from suspicion and literally bites into his ideas. Incidentally, loyalty, loyalty, and reliability not only play a major role in the partnership. Even in friendship, these values are indispensable for brown bears!