Cancer Characters

Cancers are very helpful. They are extremely suitable for Social Professions. Because they like to take care of other people. You have a need for human feeling. Cancer is gentle and sensitive, and care is also provided for your home. Cancer tries to mend also lay broken relationships with love. Among the collectors, cancers are often. You have a protective Intuition and a lot of stamina in all matters. You can also achieve what you put in your head. With Euro-stinginess-the methodology and the determination to put your plans purposefully in the act. Cancers are often hypersensitive and have mood swings. In doing so, even before, sink into self-pity. They can also become possessive and burdock – like-the cancer can also sometimes seem miserable, unhappy and sometimes unregulated-but this is rare.

Cancer Female

The Cancer woman is a person who, when it comes to it, hears more into the heart than that she looks at the bank balance. She is also an attractive partner, also for gentlemen who have almost abandoned love. For all these, it is worth trying with the Cancer woman. Often, the cancer woman also loses her heart to a foreigner, or you married the same abroad. Even experienced Casanovas sometimes wonder about their strongly fluctuating feelings when she suddenly changes to ice cold mode. You might suspect that your Partner is not what you actually want. Those who want to have them are usually already married or bound. Stress, anger, and conflict-hit her on her stomach. She feels comfortable when the sun is at its best. Also, often the tears in the secretly sensitive Cancer lady. This looks attractive to some men because they like to comfort the weaker sex. Others use this delicate soul but also mercilessly and trample on it around. At the heart of her heart, she wants strength and stability and the Partner with whom this is all possible. Your Partner gets a handsome woman, but sometimes here and there have her whims since it can go up and down.

Cancer Male

He is very reliable, but the Cancer man also carries certain hidden insecurity around him. Emotional life is also an up and down. In marriage, it is interesting but also a real challenge for the partner. As a chaplain, he is wonderful and women feel it, often surround him for an open ear. He is to be taken with a little touch because his emotional life is to take with a high fluctuation band. He does not tolerate Stress, quarrels, and complications, because his nervous costume is more delicate. He also sometimes expresses himself against taking responsibility. This would also require consistency, which he would like to carry only difficult. Otherwise, the Cancer man is an attractive, kind and lovely person. If you take all this into account, you know what you really are with the reliable Cancer man.

Cancer and Cancer Relationship