Ying-Yang: Yin
Spices: Cilantro
Lucky Number: 11
Precious Metals: Bronze
Color: Pomegranate Red
Animal: Wild Goose
Plant: Chamomile, Oak
Medicinal Herb: Rosemary
Celebrities: Plato, Haydn, Mozart, Tchaikovsky


If you were born on this date, your attraction is your greatest feature. They are highly adaptable, creative, smart, social and intelligent. The fact that it is extrovert and social hides the evil side that exists within it. They cannot tolerate immobility. You will not find her sitting or contemplating. they don’t like to sleep too much. they think they’re missing life. Other than that, they talk a lot. but listening to them is fun. has a wise mind. When others do, they can easily solve the long-term work with their practical intelligence. They call it perfect. So doing business with them can be very tiring. They don’t value money. If there are any, they will extend their feet according to their quilts. They are very social. But there are very few people who are allowed to know themselves in the true sense. They don’t like telling their troubles. They solve their problems themselves. Mathematics, music, planning, management, and art has special interests and talents.