Virgo Horoscope Daily Review 05.11.2019

Your mood: Peaceful

Your compatible horoscope: Gemini

Your lucky number: 50

Your lucky color: MintCream

Your lucky hour: 05:00-06:00

Your lucky minute: 48

Your daily horoscope review: You may wonder why the one thing you want the most may be the one thing you can’t have. Sensitive feelings are operating today, so proceed with care.There’s a strong urge to take charge, but also a tendency to slow things down and let others take the lead.A number of people involved in the healing professions could cross your path today.The stakes are higher when people’s egos are involved, as they will be today. You might receive a check in the mail.Maintain an important balance between showing someone you care by taking them under your wing and allowing them the freedom to be their own person.

Your Love level: 42

Your Intellect level: 18

Your Intuition level: 52

Your Emotions level: 80

Your Creativity level: 70

Your Wellness level: 48

Your Work level: 75

Your Money level: 56

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