Birth: 21 May to 20 June

Features: Speed, Curiosity, Talkativeness

Strong: Agility, Flexibility, Adaptability

Weakness: Dispersion, Frivolity

Stone: Turquoise

Planet: Mercury

Element: Air  

Animals: Bull, Elephant

Flower: Rose, Poppy

Metal: Copper

Number: 5

Day: Wednesday

Color: Coloful

Gemini About

Gemini is said to have versatility, a sense of communication, but also a certain gap as typical characteristics. Like the balance and the Aquarius, the Twin is determined by the Element air. As airy as it is light in its essence: a lively free spirit, multi-faceted, driven by curiosity, lively and turned. Gemini have a waking mind they like and use frequently. They enjoy mental challenges, want to know everything in Detail and are driven by their curiosity to discover and explore things. If you are interested in one thing, suck up all the information until you have looked through it completely. Then move on to the next thing. This makes Gemini good autodidact, so people who learn new things independently.

Gemini are also real communication genius. They are often the focus of discussions and gain discussions through rhetorical skill. Often you hear a twin before you see it. He tells and argues loudly and verbally, and often takes other means of expression such as wild gesticulation, mimicry or replaying situations to help give the said even more weight. Contact with others is easy. In no time, you can engage in a conversation with a stranger as if you had been friends with him for years. However, real friendships only take care of a few, because they must also long-term mentally inspire you not to be bored. Moreover, they are afraid of too many liabilities and responsibilities. The Twin is a loner who enjoys contact with others, but does not depend on them. Its diversity can easily turn into flightiness. So the twin starts a lot without ending it before turning to the next thing. He is impatient and uneasy and quickly gets bored when he does not constantly get new intellectual stimuli. Gemini are often unstable and capricious. In a Moment, you can be very excited, to let the next because of a trifle low-defied head hang.

Gemini Character

The Gemini characteristics include an unbridled thirst for knowledge, ability to think, restlessness and adaptability. The Gemini has the ability to accommodate everything that interests in. He is smart and can articulate well. He likes to make speeches, and he likes to radiate them. Mostly balanced and of the best mood and a little peckish he is knitted. Dealing with Numbers and Information is also. You can use your knowledge and you are aware that you also have physical something on it. They often tend to be under Stress and then run the risk of becoming unstable and vulnerable. Perhaps this is also due to the gap between perfectionism and the numerous interests. Also, a Routine can sneak in, which can look like after check-in. They can also sometimes become unreliable, irritated and inconsistent. They trust in their minds and occasionally mingle with dishonesty.

Gemini Female

The Gemini woman likes to talk and is on-the-go. Whether traveling, flights trips anywhere the Gemini woman is part of the game. Some men have not grown her up and then need something to calm the nerves. It is exciting and evident, or unmistakable. At home, she likes to change the furniture, loves the variety and creates a lot of new things. In men, she’s looking for Mister-Right. The roof also quickly turns out as but not right. In other words, it ensures that divorce lawyers have a Job and partner exchanges also work online. Flirting is world class and it’s fun to test your market value. She is a whirlwind, and it also needs a change of scenery. It is also exciting in the matter of Sex, potency agents are usually superfluous with her.

Gemini Male

The Gemini man-constantly looking for the right partner, weighing, comparing, calculating and then opting for a completely different one. The Gemini man changes everything. He is also a regular guest at the registry office and at the divorce judges. In the case of the many changing women, a Routine arises in a few years, which is also expressed in his love play. Since only helps to nail early under the hood. The Gemini man also loosely brings it to three marriages in his life. He likes to talk and skilfully. Of course, giving a speech to the audience is very good in his blood. He also likes to travel and is always looking for a new conquest.


Twin babies are always in Action. Restlessness and urge to act are part of your personality driving you. If you don’t enjoy any breaks, you can quickly get under Stress. Those who permanently get into a state of nervous hectic and already in everyday situations like the snake in the supermarket before impatience almost space, should urgently pull the emergency brake and learn to incorporate breaks into everyday life. Gemini, who often feel calm as oppressive, have to learn to create small islands of time, in which they do not rush like otherwise fast forward, deal with a hundred things at the same time or let the thoughts circulate back and forth. In daily downtime, the phone should remain off so that you can focus entirely on your breathing and yourself.


The career of the twin rarely goes straight and is often marked by changes in study or career. Its flexibility gives the twin the courage to take new paths and pursue challenges. He does not make a career through continuity, but by seeking new stimuli, redefining himself and advancing. He sees stones placed in his path as a hurdle, over which he jumps lightly. However, his diverse interests can also stand in his way. You make him indecisive and clueless. The twin would like to pursue all his interests. Since he does not know where to start and does not set priorities, it may be that he is at the end on the spot and does not realize anything properly. A quiet activity in a lonely place, it’s not for the lively Gemini. He needs Action, variety and space to develop creatively and prove his communication talent.
In the media industry, he feels at home, because he can carry out a variety of activities there, meets all sorts of people and always communicates. Also journalistic activities lie to the twin because of his excellent language skills. The twin likes to stay in motion-even at work. Jobs with travel activities are perfect for him. You can also use your excellent communication skills in sales. They involve others in a conversation with ease and can argue convincingly. Other sectors in which Gemini feel comfortable are the travel industry, new media and the advertising industry, law and taxes – because they really get their spirit there – and administrative occupations in which they benefit from their diversity and skill.


The month has not yet started and the account is already empty. Gemini know this only too well. They often do not even know exactly where it has flowed. Too easy to carry out sports purchases and spending. It’s not like you don’t care. They try to pay attention to their money and measure it worth. You just can’t do it right. They are also divided in this respect. You calculate your money stocks, pay attention to the prices in the supermarket, compare before you buy and yet the money seems to run out of your fingers. Friends borrow money, but be careful that it also returns to its original owner. After all, it is thanks to their flexibility that they do not cast out of the train even financial thirst. Their diverse talents give them just as much income as they can. Often, Gemini have multiple sources of income through different activities. You can find your current Gemini Financial Horoscope at the top of the Daily Horoscope.