The Full Moon’s Effect on Human Relations

Nowadays, one of the subjects that scientists frequently do research on is the effects of the full moon and full moon’s effects on human relations. Some authorities say that the full moon does not influence human behavior in any way and shows various researches based on it. On the contrary, some authorities continue to insist that people’s movements are strange and behave differently to their surroundings in the full moon. For this reason, it is more appropriate to examine the effects of the full moon on human relations from both sides and leave the decision to readers.

full moon impact.

full moon impact.

Where Does a Full Moon Name Come from?

The full moon is derived from the name of the Roman Goddess of the Moon and is considered the word Lunacy, meaning insanity, insanity, and blindness. Another meaning of Lunacy in English is the madness of the moon.

The History of the Full Moon and its Effects on Human

The various beliefs about the effects of the full moon on human beings date back to ancient times and even to ancient times. Elderly Pliny, one of the most famous of the Roman scientists, and one of the leading commanders of the Roman army argued that the humidity that occurred in the air on the night when the full moon appeared in the sky caused excessive humidity on the brain of people. Pliny, believing that the moisture could cause people not to think correctly, would, therefore, spend the full moon nights often closing himself and his family home. Pelini also believed that diseases such as epilepsy and madness were caused by damages to the brain of people in the full moon. But of course, there was no scientific validity and retention.

full moon impact

full moon impact

The Validity of Pelini’s Belief Today

This thought current, which is still being started by Pelini and is about the full moon, is accepted by many sections. In recent years, some scientists have been doing research on people living in the United States of America, about 40% of the American people believe that the full moon affects human relations and behaviors. In addition to the public, it is determined that the average 80% of the specialists who are interested in mental health and who have various serious theses on this subject believe that the full moon affects people in a way similar to the thoughts of the public.

The Results of Scientific Research on the Full Moon

In contrast to the people living in the United States and many specialist mental health physicians, almost 99% of the scientific research on the full moon proved that the full moon had no effect on human relationships and behavior. In other words, although many people believe that the full moon has no official and proven effective.

Full Moon Associating with Many Events Affecting People

As is known, there is a continuous and recurring cycle of the moon. This cycle begins with the moon’s full moon, the full moon, and then goes on for half a month. It then turns into the newest moon, the darkest month of the moon, and finally ends up like a full moon again. Some experts try to relate people’s accidents, alcohol addiction, harassment, anxiety disorders, depressions, gambling, family violence and those who try to take an overdosed drug and kill themselves with a full moon even though there is no scientific reality. These experts argue that people’s behavior has gone beyond normal in the full moon, which is the brightest month of the month, and that they have been able to do things they would never consider doing in the normal time.

full moon impact homan

full moon impact homan

Other Important Events with the Full Moon

It is believed that the full moon is related not only to the events mentioned but also to different situations by different experts. The use of drugs that are not legally accepted, murder, child and kidnapping, various natural disasters, psychological disturbances, violence in prisons, harm to people without cause, attacks with weapons, knife injuries, suicide attempts, traffic accidents, and eating disorders. So, in general, the full moon is the reason behind many of the events that are purely event human.

Influence of Popular Culture on beliefs related to the full moon

Today, in many television and cinema films, the full moon is portrayed as a frightening figure, and the full moon is associated with many creatures. For example; One of the most well-known characters of horror films, werewolves, from the human form to the worm form when the full moon begins to damage the environment. This and many such events direct people’s thoughts about the full moon. Since the effects of the full moon on humans and animals on TVs, books, magazines or on different channels are imposed on people, most people choose to believe that the full moon has a profound impact on human and animal behavior, although there is no scientific reality.

Isn’t it possible that the full moon affects people and life in any way?

Because of the fact that the full moon is a natural phenomenon as well as all the stated situations, it is natural to have some effects on man and life. So the effect of the moon is actually a topic. According to the results of many types of research conducted in the previous years at the academic level, it was found that people fell asleep because of the moonlight coming from the sky in the past, before the artificial lightings. Because it is known that the sky is 250 times brighter than normal in the time of the full moon. Therefore, in many societies that do not use artificial lighting today, it is shown as the reason for the full moon, festivity, entertainment, and party. However, seeing the full moon as an element of entertainment has some negative side effects. At such times, people come together for the purpose of party or entertainment, and they become much more crowded than they normally are. This can lead to various unfortunate accidents. As a result, as the number of people increases, as human activity increases, the full moon can be considered to have an indirect effect on human relations and human relations.

The Masum of the Full Moon Proved with Concrete Evidence

In modern societies, people cannot be connected to the full moon in any way that people get mad, stuffed in emergency services or harms themselves. Because all the research and the concrete data obtained since the past years is that the full moon is completely innocent.

He is one of the theories about the full moon; its effect on water. As it is known, the moon has great effects in places like sea water. Here some experts say that 70% of the human body is water by defending the effects of the moon on the nature of the people can do. But it is quite clear that this theory is wrong in many ways. First of all, the effects of the moon on the water appear on the masses of water, such as the ocean. But since the human body has a relatively small volume compared to the oceans, it is technically impossible for the moon to show its effects on the sea. In addition, the effects of the moon on the seas continue not only on the full moon but also on the peninsula and the new moon. In other words, it is a completely empty belief to connect the moon to the water only to the moon. It appears that; The belief that the full moon directly affects human relations and human behavior is merely superstitious and can be regarded as a cultural relic.


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