Who between 20.4. and 20.5. is born, has as an Indian zodiac the beaver. Like its role model in nature, this being designs its environment with much diligence and dedication. It shows a high degree of creativity and skill, but also patience and perseverance to the day. Beaver-born is usually satisfied only when they have the impression that they have achieved something! They are assigned to the element earth and therefore attach great importance to a certain grip. They can not do anything with detached attitudes and views.

The Extract of the Beaver

A Native American horoscope Beaver characterizes this zodiac as a rather calm and reserved man. It loves consistency and continuity in its life and hates surprises and unforeseen events. Likewise, beaver tend to traditional to conservative values and have little to gain from innovations and modern trends. Their decisions are never made spontaneously, but always leave enough time to illuminate all aspects. If they make an agreement, then it is also binding on them. Therefore, they are considered extremely reliable. Conversely, they also have a great need for security and are reluctant to take risks. Since they also like to have a financial cushion, material goods play a significant role in their lives.

The Features of the beaver

An Indian Horoscope beaver shows that this zodiac sign likes to have solid relationships. Whether it’s friendship, partnership or family, the beaver hates recklessness and superficiality. Instead, he has a great desire to be able to offer his loved ones a certain wealth and a carefree life. To achieve this, the beaver often throw themselves with great ambition into the work. Despite all this, the beaver is by no means a humorless robot. He can be very sociable and talkative and loves the beautiful side of life – especially good food and drink!

The love life of the Beaver

An Indian Horoscope beaver describes these people as quite sensual and joyful, but also loyal and honest. One-night stands are not to their liking. Following their need for secure relationships, they prefer solid long-term relationships. They also have no objection to the marriage – on the contrary! Although they need a certain amount of time to trust somebody, when they do, they will be faithful for a lifetime. However, they also expect this behavior from their partners. On the other hand, it would never occur to him to end a relationship only because of a temporary crisis. Despite the pronounced need for harmony, the beaver can be pretty stubborn. In order not to be considered a weakling, he often hides his true feelings – and his sensitive side …

Partners and friends of the Beaver

Like the role model in nature, the beaver builds on a dam – or rather a home. He wants his loved ones to be fine and they want nothing. Although he is an outspoken relationship and family man, a large circle of friends also plays an important role for him. Beavers are anything but couch potatoes and like to move around the houses with their buddies or mates. In a big round, they really bloom – especially when things are going wild …