Who between 21.5. and 20.6. is born, has as a Native American star sign the deer. This is an optimistic, positive character whose good mood rubs off on his surroundings. He is very open to change because he is interested in any kind of innovation. His ideals are important to him – and he defends them vehemently.

The Extract of the Deer

An Indian horoscope deer describes this zodiac sign as a graceful and elegant creature. Like its natural counterpart, it strides majestically through the world radiating pride and dignity. This gives him a special aura, which he is quite aware of. His cheerfulness, his friendly nature, and his convivial nature bring the Hirsch many sympathies. So it is no wonder that this sunshine is a welcome guest and has a large circle of friends. He can also be an extremely interesting conversation partner if he is not too hectic and impatient …

The Features of the Deer

A Native American Horoscope Hirsch assigns this star sign to the element air – and indeed it is a real Luftikus! It is not uncommon that it would most like to be where it is not right now. The deer-man is considered creative, imaginative and eloquent. His head is full of sometimes ingenious ideas and lofty plans, which, however, he rarely puts into action. For this, he lacks discipline, consistency, and stamina. In addition, he relatively quickly loses interest in one thing and turns to his next favorite topic. This often gives the deer the reputation of being a bit superficial and unreliable …

The love life of the Deer

An Indian horoscope Hirsch develops the image of a person who has an awake mind. That’s why people in their environment never get bored. In case of doubt, she prefers to listen to her heart. In general, this star sign is very emotional and is only too happy to be guided by his emotions. In addition, deer-born need plenty of affection and physical closeness to feel secure. On the other hand, they hardly bear the feeling of being restricted in their freedom or even locked in a golden cage. Then her otherwise good mood sinks quickly into the cellar. The deer harmonizes best with a person who gives him a strong shoulder to lean on and still gives him his freedom. He needs a haven of peace that brings him back to the ground of reality from time to time.

Partners and friends of the Deer

In general, it is not easy for the stag to enter into a long-term partnership. His interests are too varied, too tempting the fruits in the neighbor’s garden. For a long-term relationship to work, not only the criteria described above must be fulfilled. It is also immensely important that the partner always provides variety and never lets boredom arise. Only if he brings new color to the relationship will he be able to hold the stag. If that succeeds, the deer is an extremely entertaining and loving partner. This does not change the fact that his circle of friends will always be important to him …