Anyone who sees the light of day between the 20th of January and the 18.02. has the otter as an Indian zodiac. This is considered the most alert, curious and certainly playful among the Indian Zodiac. He has an intelligent mind and is not only creative and creative but also extremely resourceful and inventive. He thinks very modern and progressive and is often ahead of his time with his views. That is why he is often considered as unadjusted and always a little controversial …

The nature of the otter

If you look at an Indian Horoscope Otter, you will immediately notice one. The people born in his sign are particularly lively, restless and restless. They are considered to be talkative and sociable, humorous and fun-loving. They have a positive and optimistic attitude towards life and an open and unprejudiced approach to other people. Negative experiences do not change anything that can take them away surprisingly quickly. In general, otters do not like to be alone but love the company of humans. You can quickly get excited about one thing and keep trying to make the world a little bit better. So it is not surprising that they are considered very compassionate and helpful. This feature is particularly strong when it comes to friends and relatives.

The Features

An Indian horoscope Otter assigns this zodiac sign its communicative nature because it is assigned to the element of air. His confident attitude also has to do with the time of his birth. When an otter is born, it is cold and the landscape is mostly covered in snow. And yet the days are getting longer again, the temperatures slowly higher. And under the snow, the plants prepare tentatively for the approaching spring. Otter people are not only full of ideas but also constantly forge plans – many of which are unfortunately unrealistic …

The love life

An Indian horoscope Otter attributes a high degree of popularity to this zodiac sign. This is not surprising, considering his friendly and cheerful demeanor and his many other positive qualities. As a result, otters are rarely alone – and even less often over a longer period of time. Nevertheless, they are by no means typical relationship people, because they are just too freedom-loving. If you want to be with an otter, you have to be relatively tolerant and generous and never jealous!

Partners and friends

The otter does not just need a tolerant man at his side. At least as important for him is that there is a spiritual and spiritual agreement. If he is not mentally or physically challenged enough, the otter begins to get bored fairly quickly. For entertainment, however, the partner must by no means be the sole responsibility of the partner. If he is overwhelmed, he needs the otter only enough space to give! This does not take long to find a distraction. If you meet these criteria, you will receive an extraordinary partner! Someone with whom he never gets bored in good times and who is loyal to him in bad times! And someone who can be quite a family man