Who between 19.02. and 20.03. is born, has as a Native American star sign the Puma. This zodiac sign is considered particularly sensitive and compassionate and has a high degree of intuition. The cougar can show a relatively ambivalent behavior. When on his own, he is usually considered cautious and even a little anxious. If he appears in the pack, then he is not only courageous and self-confident, but also cunning and tricky. But always this star sign is especially vigilant. It attentively observes its surroundings – and it does not miss its eyes and ears.

The extract of the Puma

If one looks at an Indian horoscope Puma, it becomes clear that it is associated with the element of water. This stands for the soulful side of our being – and here again, above all, for compassion. Thus, people born in the sign of the cougar are considered to be particularly sensitive and can recognize the emotional state of their environment very well. This makes them great listeners, sensitive advisors and helpful contemporaries. Unfortunately, they are vulnerable by their sensitivity and are all too easy to exploit. If they see through it, it will cause great disappointment. In addition, the Puma is often the victim of his own feelings, between which he swings relatively quickly back and forth. For this reason, he is most anxious not to show his emotions too clearly …

The Features of the Pumas

An Indian horoscope Puma shows that this star sign feels most comfortable in the group. This makes the Puma-born a sociable person who spends a lot of time with his or her partner. At the same time, these people also have a large circle of friends and acquaintances. They can very well deal with themselves. If there is no society at the moment, the Puma likes to give in to his dreams. Or he forges more or less realistic plans for the future. Although he is actually quite reasonable, he prefers to make decisions with the heart rather than the brain. However, he always encounters other people without prejudice and always acts considerately.

The love life of the Pumas

An Indian horoscope Puma attributes to this sign of the zodiac a faithful, but sometimes suspicious look. That’s just because it wants to get an accurate picture of its counterpart before it binds. So it is not easy on someone but remains rather wait-and-see. Once a puma has found the right person or the right one, he is considered a loyal, loyal and hopeless romantic. And he would bed his sweetheart on roses …

Partners and Friends of the Pumas

In a relationship, the Puma attaches particular importance to loyalty and honesty. He tends to glorify his partner or partner – and infidelity or dishonesty can shatter him to the core. But even for thoroughly loyal and honest people, it is not easy to meet the high demands of the Puma. If they succeed in doing so, they will be rewarded with a human by their side who would do anything for them! And if he had to get the stars from heaven …