Indian Horoscope -Raven

Who between 23.9. and 23.10. sees the light of day, has the raven as the Indian zodiac sign. In many cultures, the raven has a rather bad image. He is regarded as a doom bringer, as a servant of the devil or as a bird of death. The Indians of North America do not harbor such prejudices but see in him a thoroughly lovable animal. He is very empathetic for her and can easily empathize with other beings. He has a strong social streak and is good at dealing with his environment. It is understandable that he is also communicative and diplomatic.

The Extract of the Raven

An Indian horoscope Raven describes the zodiac sign as a keen observer. It quickly recognizes the weaknesses and abysses of its counterpart and holds it before a mirror. It does not reproach him but tries to help and compensate for his mistake. But only by the fact that the raven addresses these, he does not always make friends. Luckily, he also knows how to deal with such situations and manages to defuse them over and over again. Like his role model in nature, the raven man is extremely flexible and adaptable. He knows how to make the best of everything and to cope well even under adverse conditions. So it is not surprising that he has a pronounced optimism and even in times of crisis always keeps the confidence.

The Features of the Raven

An Indian horoscope Rabe shows that the person born in this sign feels very much like his counterpart in the wild in the swarm. He is a social and communicative being who does not like to be alone. Instead, he usually has a relatively large circle of friends and acquaintances who appreciate him because of his character also quite. First of all, raven people are honest and sincere through and through. It would not occur to them to gain an advantage through a lie or intrigue. Her sense of justice is much too pronounced for that. Her humor, her eloquence, and her creativity make her a welcome guest in every social gathering!

The Love Life of the Raven

An Indian horoscope Rabe points out that these people, despite their convivial nature and their large circle of friends with hard ties Schwerin. This is mainly because they are always looking for a soulmate and therefore make relatively high demands on their counterparts. If his strict requirements are not met, then the raven person is disappointed and flutters on to the next potential partner. Because of his charming and sympathetic nature, he also finds it difficult to get to know possible subjects of desire. However, if he has found this very special person, then he is ready to do anything for this …

Partners and Friends of the Raven

However, that does not mean that he would go so far as to deny himself or even subjugate himself. Even in a harmonious partnership, the raven person can be quite stubborn and stubborn. But even that does not do much, because his sensitivity and diplomatic skills allow him to enforce his will, without snubbing his counterpart. You just cannot be mad at this lovely guy! And this does not only apply to partners, but also to friends or friends and colleagues!