Snow Goose

Snow Goose

Who was born between the 22. 12. and the 19. 1., has the snow goose as an Indian zodiac sign. This zodiac sign is relatively ambivalent. On the one hand, the goose carries its head high and thus has something off the hook. On the other hand, her body is heavy and expresses a certain earthiness. The snow goose is anything but cumbersome! In the water, even underwater, she can move astonishingly fast and nimble. And in the air she is in her element, she is able to fly thousands of miles to the south. This fact ensures that the snow goose stands for consistency, perseverance, and ambition, but also for strength, endurance, and toughness. And of course, she transmits all these qualities to the respective people.

The extract of the snow goose

Looking at an Indian horoscope Snow Goose, one recognizes that these people as members of the turtle clan have an increased need for security. They love stable conditions and are more skeptical about innovations. They pursue their goals very consistently, but also prove to be not very flexible when the conditions change. They also lack spontaneity and talent for improvisation.


The Features

An Indian horoscope Snow Goose certifies this zodiac sign that it is very sensible and thoughtful. It can not be carried away to rash acts, but rather prefers a strategy before cope. Her sober and well-planned procedure often makes these people seem aloof, even over-cooled. But that does not do justice to their true nature. Their reserved nature is often just a protective mechanism so as not to be disappointed or hurt. If they have confidence in someone, they can be very emotional! However, since they need their time to develop this trust, their circle of friends is usually rather small. Here is that quality goes before quantity …


The love Life 

An Indian horoscope Snow Goose attributes to this zodiac sign that it is also quite ambivalent on the social level. On the one hand, snow-born people need other people around them – just like the geese do their swarms. On the other hand, they also keep a distance to these people and do not let them get too close to themselves. On the one hand, the Snow Goose-born family goes above and beyond. On the other hand, they need their freedom to retreat. At any rate, their hearts are not exactly on their tongue. They do not open until they know someone well enough to fully trust him …


Partners and Friends 

Since these snow geese tend to take everything a little more seriously than other people, their love life is not a casual affair. These people do not believe in experiments or rapid partner changes. They do not fall in love easily – but if they do, then such a relationship can last a lifetime. A partnership always offers them stability and security. Conversely, they are willing to do anything to give their partners a good life. Their penchant for traditional values makes them like to make a relationship official with a marriage license. Nevertheless, they can be amazingly passionate and spirited. For their partners and children, Snow Goose people are just as loyal, loyal and reliable as they are for their close friends …