Indian Horoscope-Woodpecker

Who between 21.6. and 22.7. sees the light of day, has the woodpecker as the Indian zodiac sign. Like their role model in nature, these people tend to be withdrawn. But they are considered agile and hardworking and sometimes like to attract attention. The woodpecker likes to be guided by his emotional state and his state of mind. This sometimes earns him the reputation of being a little moody and unpredictable.

The Extract of the Woodpecker

An Indian Horoscope Woodpecker describes this star sign as an absolute family man and pronounced nest maker. His partner or his partner, his children, but also his friends go above and beyond. He would do anything for them – and he would like to offer them the best possible life. In the circle of his loved ones and those people who like him, he also feels most comfortable. Because actually the woodpecker is a very thin-skinned and vulnerable being. Often trivialities are enough to offend him and make him retire. Then it can take a while before he forgives the person in question their misstep. The sensitivity of the Woodpecker-born is already noticeable when getting acquainted. They open themselves to strangers only tentatively and must first take a certain confidence.

The Features of the Woodpecker

An Indian horoscope woodpecker makes it clear that this star sign is generally difficult to go out! It does not like to talk about his feelings and does not say when it bothers something. Often the woodpecker with his feelings keeps behind the mountain until they have dammed up. Then they can erupt eruptively and the environment in its turn is offended. But once you have gained the trust of the woodpecker, then it thaws and proves to be a very loyal, loyal and reliable partner, companion and friend. Only with conflicts he can handle difficult even then. He dismisses criticism as an insult and prefers to avoid controversy by looking for space. Therefore, it is recommended that woodpecker people use their creativity to gain a more positive attitude to life and thicker skin …

The love life of the Woodpecker

An Indian Horoscope Woodpecker describes these persons as people who take love very seriously. Their partnership is sacred to them and they would never risk it for a fleeting adventure. This is not least because a strong relationship gives them the certainty that they value so much. So they put their loved ones on roses and bring them the stars from the sky. Their longing for harmony is so great that they are not only extremely affectionate, but sometimes even too affectionate …

Partner and Friends of the Woodpecker

The problem is that the woodpecker man expects this intimate proximity also from his partner or his partner – and thus often overwhelmed. If his counterpart can not fulfill this expectation, the woodpecker is hurt and reacts moodily. Thus, he needs a partner who is also sensitive and touches him with kid gloves. In addition, this should have similar ideas of a partnership. This also applies to friendships: The woodpecker-born has not a large circle of friends, but a few, but very close friends who can have everything from him …