Leo Character

Leo just needs mindfulness all the time and wants to be true. After all, he is the king here. Leo can organize and does well in leadership positions. He keeps faithful to his Partner and family if he has actually determined himself emotionally once. He likes to be admired for that. The Leo embodies pride, audacity, openness, and majesty. Moreover, it is far-hearted and forward-looking, attractive and optimistic. its desire for attention makes him seem imaginary – this does not always have to be so pronounced. However, he usually does not tolerate being the second violin. He must receive honors and compliments. If he does not get this he becomes cynical, fateful and biased. This can also develop into a Depression.

Leo Female

The lion woman is a ray of Sunshine. She wants to shine and shine, as well as warm. When choosing partners, she looks more closely. She likes to show up in public and is happy to be sociable. In middle age, she is a passionate lioness. She loves to show herself in the midst of beautiful tasteful luxury goods. They belong to her and they are also necessary for the lioness to keep her shiny Grace. She wants to be carried on hands, revered and appreciated by her partners. The lioness is a proud and self-confident personality and a woman of the world. She likes it real and expensive. A lion never shines with false pearls or Loui Vitton bags. Your Partner will always remain a little in the shadow of the lioness. She’s just the showcase Princess.

The Leo Male

He wants to be admired, he wants to be the center of attention, he wants to show himself and all marvel at him. He can be faithful when he has once opted for one, but this woman does not have it easy. He would like to have that say and the last word. In addition, he needs constant confirmation, especially of the female sex. He likes to flirt and shows himself in all its glory. In love, he is passionate and devoted. He does not like to be objected to, because he is finally here The Lion. His self-confidence is so strong and strong that it is already driving an over function. However, only his close fellow human beings notice this. However, this fact remains hidden to him himself.