Libra Character

Libras are nice and attractive people. Often among them are artists. He likes a loving and friendly relationship with his fellow human beings, that also concerns the wife. Scales represent law and compliance. Scales like to have contact with others and enjoy the exchange. Scales are peaceful people who meet a courteous and balanced. They hate to hurt the feelings of others. They are often pacifists and settle a dispute rather than others. You always have a sense of justice. They like to stay with the truth, are smart and transparent. But you can also swim with yourself in self-pity, and you could spark the glow of getting ready to flirt at any time if you haven’t met the right one yet. Sometimes, however, it also wakes up because it outweighs the pros and cons. In addition, it is often difficult for the scale to say no and it is also a little conceited.

Libra Female

The Libra woman is a beautiful being, which is in general quickly away-married. She not only brings beauty but also a lot of taste and a good eye for expensive things. She likes to surround herself with expensive accessories and other beauties. Also in sexual terms, she is a good lover. Libra’s wife doesn’t like being alone. While the husbands are at work and make sure that money comes in, she can ever melt a bit. The Libra woman has a tender heart, you betrayed and lied to, it is fragile like a Rose and that’s exactly how she feels. So be careful when choosing a partner and the chosen ones should be examined more closely. Then it works with marriage.

Libra Male

The Libra man wants to act in selected circles. He needs much praise and recognition. If the praise is not meant honestly, he can hear this out and doubt. He also doesn’t like to be alone and he uses a sophisticated environment in order to be able to work properly. Ladies should always praise and acknowledge him. Scales are often attractive, they can also be found in the film industry. To women, he is delicate and very polite. This man is not unmarried. Hard physical work does not lie to him, while his soul would atone. If you hurt him in his honor, he’s slightly hurt. He is looking for an attractive modern woman who is suitable for the presentation. The Libra man has good manners and knows how to behave. He looks out for a professional springboard and also likes to use new relationships. Combined with love, it’s called marriage. The Libra man will try to always find a new peaceful level in quarrels with the partner because that is very close to his heart.