Pisces Character

Pisces are peaceful contemporaries. They live under the water surface, hidden to us and have a slope to esotericism. You can listen very well and show a lot of emotions. They understand their fellow human beings and are mostly animal Lieb. Usually, in a good mood and sociable way, the creative Pisces likes to live out. Not so well you can occasionally make important decisions and find solutions. They can be very sensitive and Emotional fluctuations. Pisces like to celebrate and sometimes shoot beyond the finish line. Because of their enormous imagination often live in dream worlds, they need the emotional and mental stimulation of other zodiac signs. Often they pull things out for a long time and are reluctant to lay down – even this is a property in their zodiac heritage.

Pisces Female

The Pisces woman has it not easy to find great love. But she doesn’t give up. As soon as the current Partner has turned out to be a Super-Rivet, she does not give up the hope that the right one just does not come true. She is all too well known for her love sorrows. She is hardly divorced, she is still very hurt, but she is always ready to go back to the whole. She remains in readiness and is currently licking her old wounds. This suffering soul is quite attractive to the opposite sex. She can fill an entire pond of tears in the years. A heart that is too often missed and the soul’s sorrow after that is the Pisces woman’s frequent fate.

Pisces Male

A Pisces man cannot easily be held in the hands, he immediately escapes and finds a hole in each net. He can be married, divorced and then let himself back in with him. He enjoys comforting broken women’s souls, and at the same time in several areas. In marriage, you have to touch him with velvet gloves. He needs a lot of affection, silence, and care. The Pisces man has facets of a faithful dog who patiently waits for his mistress with a moist-cold nose. Sometimes he wants to be spoiled and spoiled. His partner is often rich in the blood of young and experienced widows to draw him. If he is too deep in a woman’s soul, he often searches again for the width or something better. On business, he gets involved with lottery promises that make significant shops with him. Sometimes it is too easy to take advantage of. In old age, matured and strengthened, he becomes more loyal and a grateful Partner. It doesn’t hurt at all to provide him well and cook.