Scorpion Character

Scorpions are instinctive and of significant attraction. They are careful and closed. Among them, scientists are found, because they like to come into new undiscovered territory. Powerful deeply felt Emotion you can perceive very well and feel yourself. Loyalty is one of your strengths. They are passionate about their Partner and family. Also in professional things they give full throttle. They have an iron will, which they also use unconditionally. They are also often trusted and can deal discreetly with it. The Scorpio is inventive and can adapt well to the circumstances. But even suspicions and envy are said to the Scorpion. It may become unrestrained and cynical. The jealousy of a Scorpion is proverbial. When a scorpion loves, so he loves for a lifetime. But this also opens up eternal hatred for infidelity!

Scorpion Female

The Sorpionine knows what jealousy is, this and the retaliation can strongly come to the fore when it is appropriate and seize the upper hand. For the Scorpion woman, loyalty is not so much a word. Also, the Scorpion woman is hard in taking-which does not kill her makes her strong. If it does not run so well in love, it compensates for this with professional work. She wants everything or nothing, with half things she is not satisfied. She loves it permanently, consistently and strongly. In her soul is stored forever, who has forgotten it once with the Scorpion woman. She doesn’t forget anything like this – it remains constant To Eternity and beyond.

Scorpion Male

The scorpion man is rarely seen in court and in the divorce administration. Because the scorpion man never leaves. It is stable, hard-hitting and stable, it bounces off everything. In the matter of love and Sex, the Scorpio man is a bomb. He is truly the best, most passionate lover you can imagine under the zodiac signs. The Scorpio man – how the Skorpion – is very jealous. The Scorpion star sign is assigned 60 percent of all affect murders in which a scorpion was involved. If a scorpion is ignited for the first time, it is not sustainable. At home, he has the pants on, and he bolted to the back burner when the wife spends too much money.