Virgo Character

The Virgo like it neatly and with high efficiency. Because they usually feel comfortable and are balanced, but precision is also of great importance for them. A Virgo is usually unobtrusive. She is proud of her work and perfection. She is particularly interested in craft work. She is very faithful and accurate. It can take up learned very well and is also self-critical. She takes care of her diet, health, and Hygiene. If the Virgo aspires to perfection too much, a paranoid can develop. The constant perfection of order and health can take over and not do it so well. She can also seem very insidious. A small lack of self – assurance also occasionally occurs-mostly unfounded. Through her quest for perfection, she is not always able to perceive the horizon optimally.

Virgo Female

The Virgo is a whole and savvy head man. Feelings are behind and do not give the rash when it comes to more serious decisions. Here, the virgin turns her head and decides according to what you say your sense of logic. It also proves to be good in professional life. Virgos are very rarely dismissed – and if so, then this is probably a mistake. She’s good at saving herself for the right one. This can hold your iron. She can also wait for sexual fulfillment if she has not yet found Mr. Right. Also, she takes care of the Economy, a certain amount on the savings book will definitely make the Virgo sleep better. She can also skilfully let admirers sit in her own juice if she believes that they simply would not be in question. If she ever has love problems, she works this pain skillfully away. That’s her, and she’s putting it around.

Virgo Male

Also, the Virgo man is calculated and uses his head. In love singing but also in financial affairs he decides with the mind. Even with his women he looks and calculates and balances everything thoroughly. Also from his future wife he expected, calculation, and thrift. Divorced is rare, would be much too expensive. A grenade in the bed, he is only of short duration, because the feeling is only brief because the head turns on much too early. But he will be forgiven for that, thanks to his other qualities. He doesn’t want to know much about prevention either, because he wants and likes children. The pill would be too expensive anyway, the watch-up method is more welcome there. The Virgo in the Mann longs for a secure Earth’s future and safety. He doesn’t like wild experiments, he’d rather go the safer way. Ordnung is also important, everything must be managed and organized into structures. He has nothing to do with luxury and money laundering. Food is eaten at home and not in Restaurants, but homemade and nutritious home cooking.