Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs

Already long before the Christian era, mankind has been interested in the sky visible stars, i.e. stars and planets. Initially, the orbits and movements of the various celestial bodies were recorded mainly for the purpose of enabling orientation when traveling far away from any civilization (for example on the high seas). When the astronomers of the time were able to determine the cyclic processes of planetary movements more and more precisely, they increasingly also established links between the events in the sky and the events on Earth. From then on, it was only a small step until the first horoscopes were developed, as we know them today.


Strictly speaking, the horoscope is a representation of the sky, as it looked at the time of birth of a person. According to detailed astronomical calculations, all celestial bodies are drawn in a circular pattern divided into the twelve zodiac signs and the corresponding astrological houses. Each house is assigned a particular meaning – to the first house of personality and individuality, the second house for acquisition and possession, the fourth-for the origin and family and the seventh house of relationship and partnership, for example. Now the astrologer tries to draw conclusions about the personality of Man and his future life by looking at which planets were in which house at the time of birth.

The place of Horoscopes in our lives

Of course, even today, professional astrologers can make their horoscope personally and have a detailed assessment of their character traits, their strengths, and weaknesses, on the Basis of which they can better understand their relationships with other people and certain characteristics of their lifestyle. However, even a free horoscope, as you find on our site, can point you in a direction in conflict situations or before difficult decisions. Although the statements are naturally less concrete than with a costly, custom-made Horoscope, they can still help you to recognize your wishes and goals more clearly.

To this purpose, we offer various latest horoscopes, such as daily or annual horoscopes, but also Single – and partner horoscopes, so that you can find for every situation and issue the appropriate horoscope online. Below is an overview of what forms of horoscopes you can find on our site.

The Daily Horoscope

The daily horoscope is one of the most famous horoscope variants. For many people, it is a matter of course in the daily newspaper reading to also take a look into their horoscope. In the typical daily newspaper, the horoscope is briefly described, what the day offers the respective zodiac sign and sometimes it also provides suggestions for action. Even our free horoscope is no exception. In short, you will find out what awaits you on the day and whether you are more likely to arrive in the morning or towards the evening to the highest form. However, we also offer you a preview of the next two days. This allows you to consider whether any problems should be tackled immediately or perhaps a few days later.

The Weekly Horoscope

Of course, for such questions, you could also ask your weekly horoscope, from which you will learn the altitude and low points of the next seven days. In order to be able to find out directly about the area of life that you are currently most interested in, our horoscopes are divided into the fields of love, profession, and health. A rating of one to five stars shows quickly, how good or bad the stars are in the respective field for you. The corresponding Text shows you which challenges you expect in the coming week and how you can make the most of them or avoid possible conflicts.

The Monthly Horoscope

We also offer a monthly horoscope free of charge for all those who plan long in advance or need advice for decisions that lie in a somewhat distant future. Thanks to the division into love, profession, and Health, which you already know from our weekly horoscopes, we can offer you predictions and recommendations that are tailored to your everyday life. Finally, individual planets have quite different effects on different areas of life. For example, while Mars is passionate about love, it can lead to impulsive and undiplomatic actions in professional life. An ambivalent effect that applies more or less to All-Stars.

The Annual Horoscope

If you are one of the people who doesn’t leave anything to chance and want to know exactly about the big whole beforehand, our annual horoscope should be the horoscope of your choice. Here you can find out at the beginning of the year what developments are to be expected for your zodiac sign according to the horoscope in the next 12 months. So you can fine-tune their financial planning and are perfectly prepared for the future. Of course, due to the large period of time you need to cover, the information is not as accurate as in the other horoscopes. However, they provide a good basis for initial assessments, which can be compared later with the more detailed and short – term information of your monthly or weekly horoscope.

The Single Horoscope

If you are Single and mainly interested in how your love life develops in the near future, you should take a look at this kind of horoscope. It tells you whether the time is favorable for hot Flirts or ripe for great love and whether you manage to transform mutual attraction into a crackling passion. The Horoscopes for all zodiac signs are divided by gender as well as into the categories Trend, eroticism and Flirt. Thus, the positions and paths of the celestial bodies can be evaluated much more purposefully to your very personal question. For a current reference to the events and developments in their daily lives, a new single horoscope is published every week free of charge.

The Partner Horoscope

If you are one of those who has already made the leap into a partnership happy, you will find out in our partner horoscope which obstacles and highlights are coming to you in the near future in relationship life. The weekly horoscope is the single zodiac after sex – so to wife or husband directing – divided. In addition, the horoscopes still offer the categories contacts, eroticism and relationship. For example, in the category for contacts, you can also find out about the prospects for a common future with business partners. Partner horoscopes help you to determine the optimal time for crisis discussions, salary negotiations or even love confessions and to better understand both your own actions and that of your opponent.Zodiac signs capricorn